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Thursday, 11 January 2018


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Dekado App

What is Dekado Coin

DKD Coin is a community driven and self-regulated financial ecosystem created to provide various investment opportunities and empower everyone by educating them about the world of crypto currencies. Its unique design makes Dekado Coin an all in one crypto community platform which can enable anyone looking to achieve true financial freedom in today's unsure financial environment. What are the factors that decide the DKD coin price and influence the Dekado ecosystem?
As Dekado is a decentralized crypto currency, its price is determined by: 1. Supply and Demand coupled with its community network. 2. Technology behind the generation algorithm of DKD. 3. Terming feature of DKD platform. 4. Staking feature of the coin (POS). All the factors mentioned above will together drive the DKD price and will generate value for its community in the coming future. The information below details how these features in the DKD platform make it a very rewarding and beneficial coin.
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Dekado Coin

DKD TERMING To invest in the DKD terming you have to register yourself on the DKD platform and access your account dashboard. The Dekado trading bot and buoyancy software are two proprietary, intelligent and ever evolving software that work to generate profit for you in this high returns investment option. You can choose out of different investment plans available and ensure a daily profit payout. You can either make daily withdrawals for the profit or simultaneously keep reinvesting the same. Upon completion of your investment term you can withdraw the principal or optionally reinvest it to continue getting your daily profit. Dekado Coin

Steps to Invest in Dekado terming:

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1. Deposit Bitcoins/Ethereum in your wallet on the Dekado dashboard Log in to your Dekado dashboard. Scroll down to the section under terming plans with options to receive DKD, BTC or ETH Send BTC/ETH to the receiving address provided. Dekado Coin 2. Buy DKD coins from DKD exchange using your BTC/ETH balance. Go to the DKD exchange page. Scroll down to buy DKD option. Enter DKD amount you wish to buy and check your cost in BTC/ETH. Click on submit buy order Dekado Coin 3. Term your DKD coin from your Dekado wallet. Go to your DKD dashboard. Scroll down to term Dekado/reinvest section and enter the $ amount you wish to term. You will be able to see your terming plan underneath as per the amount entered by you. Click on Term DKD button or Pay from DKD wallet button to start your terming plan. DKD Coin


1. What is the interval when terming profit is added to my account?
Once your terming transaction has been approved, every 24 hours post that, the profit will be credited into your account. Each terming transaction will accrue profit separately and not a compounded profit on the total amount in the account. DKD Coin 2. I have not received any profit payment today and I usually get a daily profit from terming? There might be some days when the profit may be 0%. The Dekado buoyancy software calculates the daily profit paid out on the platform and it is not guaranteed. Please do read about how the DBS works to generate profit for you. Dekado Coin 3. Why do I have to go through the login shield verification more than once? The login shield requires you to verify your login details every time you log in from a different browser or device into the Dekado system. This keeps your account safe from unauthorized transactions. Just click on the "send verification email" button and click on the link in the verification email to transfer funds. DKD Coin 4. I have transferred bitcoin from another wallet. How long will it take to confirm my balance? Dekado confirms the deposit with 3 bitcoin network confirmation. The time depends on the congestion on the bitcoin network. DKD Coin 5. What is the minimum amount to reinvest in DKD terming? The minimum amount to reinvest is $10 and in multiples of $100. Dekado Coin 6. Why do I have a negative balance in my Bitcoin or DKD wallet? When you send bitcoin/DKD to another wallet, a small fee is required (not kept by us) paid to the miners in the blockchain. DKD Coin 7. Can I compound my terming investment to upgrade my plan and earn extra percentage on my investment amount? No. Each terming amount is treated separately. Each terming transaction will accrue profit separately and not a compounded profit on the total amount in the account. For Example: if you have three separate investments with a total of more than $1010. This doesn't mean that your account will automatically qualify to receive the profit as per the plan for that amount. Each of your three investments will accrue separate profit as per their own plans. DKD Coin 8. After completion of my terming contract, would I get back USD or DKD? You will receive USD back into your terming wallet, DKD Coin
9. What is the minimum BTC withdrawal amount and fees on withdrawal? The minimum bitcoin you can withdraw from your bitcoin wallet is 0.005 BTC. DKD charges dynamic bitcoin network fees that is paid to miners for faster confirmation. DKD Coin

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