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Monday, 24 July 2017

Redmi Note 4 Blast Caught on CCTV

A Xiaomi Redmi Note 4  in a Bengaluru store, reports suggest. The owner of the Redmi Note 4 - one Arjun - had allegedly gone to a local store - one Poorvika Mobile Store - as he was having trouble inserting his SIM card into the unit. He had apparently purchased the phone from the same store sometime in June.
A CCTV video doing the rounds of the Internet - alongside a report replete with billing details of the phone in question - suggests that the phone exploded and caught fire as soon as the technician/worker at the shop tried to take the SIM tray out to insert the owner's SIM card into it. Luckily for him, nobody - including him - was injured in the mishap. The incident reportedly happened on July 17, and Arjun is still awaiting a response from Xiaomi on the issue, it adds. The owner has also apparently reached out to the local police station to file a formal complaint.

Smartphones bursting into flames aren't new. Even the high and mighty like Samsung have gone through the embarrassment of an exploding phone, but, while in the case of the Note 7, the explosions happened due to a battery anomaly, the Xiaomi phone apparently burst out into flames out of no-where. At least, that's how it looks like in the initial run going on to show that such mishaps can happen with anybody.
Also, the mishap should be taken as an advisory to buy electrical goods and gadgets from verified sources. Xiaomi phones are largely available via online channels, although the company is slowly and steadily ramping up its offline efforts as well.
Xiaomi opened its first Mi Home store in India only recently. Xiaomi's first Mi Home store in India, which is located in Bengaluru, has been open for the public since May 20 and is a one stop shop for anything and everything that the Chinese company sells in India. The company, only recently, opened its second Mi Home Store, again in Bengaluru and is looking to open at least one more in the city in the days to come.


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