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Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Real Truth behind Redmi Note 4 Blast Please Most See this post

We must have seen the viral video of the Redmi Note 4 explosion on YouTube,but the question arises that was that the actual footage of Redmi Note 4 explosion?the answer is No its not the actual footage of the Redmi Note 4 explosion the video was not authentic.Actually the video that is on YouTube is of March and with an aspect ratio of 4:3 while the actual video was of 16:9.However the viral video didn't stopped here the video was renamed with explosion of other phone brands like oppo,vivo and many more.So kind request to everyone don't forwrad that video without knowing its authenticity.But we are clear with the incident about the Redmi Note explosion in Bengaluru and the images of exploded Redmi Note 4 only the video was not authentic.

What Xiaomi India said about the Note 4 explosion?

The phone was submitted to the Xiaomi service centre and reports came from Xiaomi,Maybe unknowingly an external force was applied to the phone which resulted in battery leakage and explosion.the phone didn't exploded in such a dramatic way as shown in that viral video.If we see according to terms and conditions the companies are not responsible if the product is damaged by external means but still Xiaomi replaced the phone with a new one as a smart gesture.Further Xiaomi India confirmed that all Redmi Note 4 phones are safe.But still we must handle carefully our smartphone so that we can enjoy the features of smartphone without being in danger.


The video has viral that is Note Redmi Note 4 Video
That's some other phone 

I also using Xiaomi Devices and i trust on this Brand 

See Reality in Video
Click Here for watch video

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