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Sunday, 2 April 2017

New Crypto Currency E-Dinar

About E-Dinar

E-DINAR is a cryptocurrency (a digital currency with encryption techniques) that is considered the biggest innovation of the financial world in the recent years. 
 E-dinar Wallet guarantees growth in volume by 20% per month. 
 E-Dinar coin can be exchanged for goods, services or fiat money and be used to instantly send money anywhere in the world.  Its based on the latest technologies that gives fast and reliable payment system and money transfer.

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To join the E-DINAR Internet community and for getting the 20% monthly growth, you need to go through a simple registration process, and become the owner of E-DINAR cryptocurrency

Once you have created your account with Edinar, its up to you whether you want to purchase edinar coins straight away or not.
If you don’t intend to purchase it straight away, you can do it later

You can purchase EDR (E-Dinar Coins) in many ways.  One of the best way is to trade Bitcoins for EDR with cyrpto currency exchanges like Yobit, Exrates and Alcurex exchanges.
If you don’t have Bitcoins, you can purchase Bitcoins from crypto currency exchanges that exchange Bitcoins with your local currency.
If your local currency is INR, you can use the exchange and wallet services of ZebPay, CoinSecure or UnoCoin to buy bitcoins.
For instance, if your local currency is INR, you can do the following:
Create a Wallet and Verify your account with Zebpay.
Deposit INR to your Zebpay Wallet.
Buy Bitcoins using INR deposited in your Zebpay Wallet.
Create a wallet account with one of the crypto currency exchanges like Yobit where they trade with Bitcoins and EDR.
Send the bitcoins you purchased to your Yobit Exchange wallet address.
Purchase EDR coins using the Bitcoins from the Yobit Wallet.
Send the EDR coins from Yobit Wallet to your registered E-Dinar wallet.

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